Friday, August 23, 2013

Going To School Tomorrow

Hola todos,

Tomorrow, is back to school. (I move into my apartment tomorrow, and start classes on Monday.) As written in my previous blog, I am not excited for this. I would much rather be in South America, speaking Spanish, experiencing culture that I am still learning about and meeting lots of new and interesting people. Being in a place I don't know well.
Instead, I am going back to school... A thing that I have become unfamiliar with. Do you know, the last time I had a serious class was over nine months ago? (The end of fall semester at Albany.) I mean, no class was taken seriously/ we didn't even have class in Chile. I am not excited to have to sit at a desk, listen to a professor, and take notes. And worst of all, write papers,take tests and read boring textbooks. A person can learn so much more about a topic by experiencing it themselves.
I  suppose I'm also nervous. The fact that I haven't had a serious class in nine months has not only made me not used to the idea of class, but has put a damper on my studying habits (or lack there of) and schedule when in school.
Oh well, at least this is my last year and then, I will win the lottery and spend the rest of my life traveling in South America!

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  1. Go Anna! You'll get in the swing of things soon and any nervousness you feel will be long gone.